SIR_logo_House_KOThe Scarborough Ice Raiders House League provides a complete program to players at all levels in a house league atmosphere. There are approximately 1000 kids registered and playing in a very successful environment. This year, the house league put together a more stabilized schedule that led to fewer conflicts for our multiple player families, playing our games at Don Montgomery Community Centre.

There are always more positive changes occurring to help streamline the program, making it more compatible for our families.




SIR_logo_Select_KOThe Scarborough Ice Raiders Select division is a comprehensive select program with teams participating in the North York Hockey League (N.Y.H.L.).  All players also compete in the house league program on their own individual teams.

There are currently 20 teams that compete in the NYHL and the S.H.A. Hockey Club hosts 2 successful tournaments each year that these teams participate in. Scarborough Ice Raiders Select teams are also the affiliated teams to the Scarborough Ice Raiders G.T.H.L. teams. More information on this program can be obtained at

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SIR_logo_GTHL_KOThe Scarborough Ice Raiders division is a competitive program that participates in the eastern division of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (G.T.H.L.) at the “A” level.

The 2014 – 2015 Season had 8 teams compete, one in every age group. For the 2015 – 2016 season, we will again be hosting teams in each age group.

More information on this program can be obtained by contacting General Manager Joe Gifkins .


Picture Retakes

Individual Picture Day for Absent Players Only

For those players who were absent for their pictures in December, we have scheduled the following dates and times:

Saturday December 12th, 2015

10:00AM - 2:00 PM

Tuesday December 15th, 2015

  7:00PM - 9:00 PM

Wednesday December 16th, 2015

  7:00PM - 9:00 PM

Please be fully dressed for the picture.  The picture will be taken off the ice.  Any player that missed Picture Day can utilize any date that is convenient.

Team Balancing

At this time, the S.H.A. Hockey Club (Scarborough Ice Raiders) would like to thank all those players and their families in accommodating player movements during the balancing of the Divisional Teams.

Although there are many factors that contribute to the need to balance divisions, it is certainly is a large commitment from our playing members to assist us by changing teams and we thank you for that.

It is to be remembered that we are attempting to create a competitive balance throughout the program, allowing all players and their families an enjoyable and entertaining experience. Most importantly, it allows our young players the opportunity to develop not only hockey but life skills that may be used for years.  

Ed Wahl
S.H.A. Hockey Club
Scarborough Ice Raiders 

Letter to the Mayor of Toronto

November 3, 2015
Dear:  Mr. Mayor

I am taking this time to write to you on behalf of the 1,000 playing members and their families that I represent as the President of S.H.A. Hockey Club (Scarborough Ice Raiders) as well as on behalf of all our “sister” organizations within the Greater Toronto Hockey League.

Within the Greater Toronto Hockey League there are approximately a total of 40,000 playing members and their families. The majority of these families reside across the entire City of Toronto.

This past season the City of Toronto approved and increased the cost of City ice by 7.25%.  This has virtually crippled the ability of all organizations to continue providing a cost efficient program for the residents of the City you represent.

In our particular situation, we operate on a “cost recovery basis” and subsidize each player approximately $50.00 through fundraising and generous donations from our sponsors. The added increase to the cost of operations this season through increased ice costs is $37,000 which we did not pass on to the parents. This means we need to find roughly $87,000 to balance our books for this season.

Operating in Scarborough, you may well know we have many families of need, as do all organizations within the City. We operate out of the Don Montgomery Community Centre which is considered a “Priority Centre” within the City.  As a part of the Community itself that we help provide for, consideration from our City Council is required if Minor Hockey is to survive in Toronto.

I certainly am not naïve enough to state that all Minor Hockey will collapse, however Minor Hockey for the less fortunate in the City that you and your Council represent very easily could. There are many programs within the Community to help provide for these children but for the first time, a major supporter has notified our program that “funding is exhausted” for this season.

I am in the process of gathering names from all our families and the families of all other programs within Toronto to not only send this letter but provide an opportunity to voice their opinions to Council.

 I would like the opportunity to sit down with yourself and some of your Council to discuss any thoughts on increasing ice costs for next season. Even the standard 2.25% increase that seems to happen annually could create a situation that would force some of our playing members and those from other Clubs out of the game.

The need for all Leaders in the City, including Council, is to now try and come up with a solution to help provide these programs for the youth of the City. I wrote the former Mayor twice, and a colleague of mine (Bruce Hamilton) who is a Director within the S.H.A. Hockey Club, wrote to you last spring. Of these three times we have yet to receive a response so I am asking you to please help by responding before the situation deteriorates beyond repair.


Ed Wahl
S.H.A. Hockey Club / Scarborough Ice Raiders

House League Registration 2015/2016

Online and in-house registration is now closed. 

There are player spots available in some divisions.  Please email registrar Stacy Brown at for further details.

Payment Type:  Cash, Cheque, Visa or MasterCard

Birth Certificate is required.

REFUND POLICY: Administration fees apply, no Refunds after September 15th, 2015.

S.H.A. Hockey Club Mailing List

Important Notice

For those of our families who are not receiving our email blasts which is a result of us either having the wrong email or you having unsubscribed in the past. Emails and the website are the main line of communication between the “League” and our playing members therefore it is important to keep this updated.

Please take the following steps to insure your email is added to the list as we do not have the ability to add those who have unsubscribed in the past.

Click on the link below which will take you to a copy of an email blast (Evaluation Skates) scroll down to the bottom and click on the “subscribe” option and follow the instructions. This will enable you to receive our emails and keep informed of all events and changes within the program. 

CSA Helmet Certification Memo

In accordance with Hockey Canada Playing Rule 3.6(b), all players, including goaltenders, are required to wear a CSA approved helmet to which a CSA approved facial protector must be securely attached and not altered in any way. Any alteration to a CSA approved helmet or facial protector automatically destroys the certification. All CSA approved helmets and facial protectors have a distinguishable CSA marking and this marking must be clearly visible and unaltered. Removing or covering the CSA identification constitutes an alteration.

SHA Hockey Club By-laws

The S.H.A. Hockey Club By-laws in pdf format. Follow this link to open in your browser.

SHA By-Law #1 Signed.pdf

    With Heavy Hearts

    It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I am writing on behalf of the Directors and myself to you at this time to advise you of a terrible loss within our Hockey Family.

    Eric Bellchambers a 12 year old player in the Peewee Division who played on the "Flyers Team" coached by his father John, has passed away suddenly in December.

    Our entire organization's thoughts and prayers are with the Bellchambers at this time.


    Ed Wahl
    SHA Hockey Club / Scarborough Ice Raiders



    Info about the SHA

    The S.H.A. Hockey Club is the amalgamation of the remaining clubs that made up the former Scarborough Hockey Association. As the needs in the community we serve changed, we too changed to continue to be able to provide minor hockey to the community of Scarborough.

    SHA History

    From it's humble beginnings in 1956 the member clubs of Agincourt Lions, West Hill and Dorset Park began House League Select play in three divisions of Peewee, Minor Bantam and Bantam in the Scarborough Hockey Association.

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