Select Club Rules

on 01 July 2011.

  1. Select team Exhibition games or Tournaments must be approved by the Vice-President in charge of the Select Program as well as the GTHL or NYHL whomever the team is affiliated with.
  2. Select Teams are able to participate in four exhibition games per calendar month (October through April).
  3. All permission forms must be forwarded in a timely manner in order to be approved by the affiliated organization in the time frame they have set out to follow. Game sheets must be turned in promptly after the event to submit to affiliated organization.
  4. Exhibition games host by the Select teams must have two certified referees and a game sheet filled out and turned upon the completion of the game.
  5. Select teams will be coached by team officials approved by the Directors of the SHA Hockey Club. These team officials will be responsible for the day to day operations of their teams and keep an account of all money turned in and spent by the team.
  6. The Select Program shall be financially responsible to operate as a self-sufficient program within the SHA Hockey Club therefore not to be a financial burden on the House League Program, or the Competitive Program.
  7. Mechanics as to the cost of the Select team tryouts and yearly cost will be worked out by the Coaching staff and the Vice-President in charge of the Select program.
  8. Any fund raising by individual teams, House League or Select must first have the approval of the Directors of the SHA Hockey Club.
  9. In the event of a conflict between a players House League game and a Select program activity the House League game shall take precedent. The exceptions would be were as the Select team has received permission for a Tournament and the House League amended to accommodate the change.
  10. Select teams will only be permitted through the direct approval of the Vice-President in charge of Selects, and the remaining Directors of the SHA Hockey Club.
  11. All team pictures must be taken by the League photographer who will be made available to select teams.
  12. Any team wishing to purchase League apparel which will have the League name or Logo’s on it must first have approval from the Directors of the League. All items purchased must also be purchased in the Leagues current colour scheme. Teams wishing to obtain winter Jackets must purchase the approved jackets from the approved supplier and conform to the cresting regulations set out by the SHA Hockey Club.

These in house rules are subject to change from time to time, by the rules committee and will be reviewed at the Annual General Meeting that is held on a posted date in early June.